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Obtaining an Estimate for Your Project


To obtain a preliminary estimate for your custom cabinet project, please follow these simple steps. Remember that you are taking measurements for a preliminary quote and NOT for manufacturing. While it is not necessary to be exact, be as close as you can in your measurements.

Photos of the project area

Photos of the current project area are very helpful when estimating. They allow us to orient the floor plan that you have created to each photo. When taking photos it's best to use a standard digital camera that allows a wide angle view, if you do not have one photos can be taken by digital cameras. Either way, you will need to transfer these photos to a digital file that can either be transferred to our computer and placed in a digital file folder along with your other information.

When taking photos, it's a good idea to start from the first wall to your left, taking photos of every entire wall from left to right. If you are emailing these, please transfer all photos to a separate file and attach that to the email.

Please ensure that all photos are as clear as possible.

Choosing Doors & Drawer Fronts Styles and Finish Type/Color

We contract with Conestoga Wood Specialties for all of our pre-finished doors and drawer fronts and match those colors with the same high quality finishes by Sherwin-Williams Commercial Laboratories for all exposed surfaces that are manufactured at our location.

To choose the style of the doors and drawer fronts, please refer to Conestoga's website
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need any clarification of the above instructions.

We look forward to receiving your information and offering you a preliminary quote for your project.
Laminate Counter Tops

Measuring for a quote on a laminate counter tops is very simple. All we require is simple dimensions of the top, sink center from left or right end and notations of where the backsplash "S" and finished edges "C" are. See the sample layout below. Submitting this inormation, along with pictures are very helpful. You will also need to choose your laminate color/pattern and finish from either the samples located at FORMICA or WilsonArt