Planning Your Project
Part 1 of 2

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Let's start by gathering up some information for getting an estimate and making your home improvement project a success.
Measure the project area

Start by taking some measurements and drawing a floor plan of the area. For a demonstration of the method used by professionals, please watch this short video. While it is for a kitchen, the same method is also used for all projects you simply substitute the kitchens items for other items. Please don't worry about taking measurements, it is for the estimate only and we are not going to build from these unless tell us to. So let's get started.
Don't forget to measure the height of the window(s) including any trim, as well as their bottom elevation from the floor to the bottom of any trim.
Now that you have taken the measurements and have made a floor plan of the room, let's move on to the next step. Deciding the cabinet style.
Cabinet Style

Cabinet styles are as unique as people themselves. Let's list the basic three designs; There is the Contemporary look with it's sleek and clean lines, there is the Traditional look, with raised panel doors and complimentary trim and then there is the more Elegant look with more ornate doors and lots of ornate applique and trim. You are the only one who knows what look you want, so let's browse around and see what you like.
To do this, you will need to look through some design magazines and websites. Kitchen and Bath Design News magazine is a great place to start. There is also Houzz website. Hundreds of projects are featured here weekly and you can search by room and category.
Searching by room and category at Google clicking on images, will also bring up some interesting photos of projects that have been posted over the past.
No matter what style you choose, we can build it.
You have the style? Ok, now for the color or finish. You don't want to choose just "any" cabinet color or finish, what you really need to do is create a "Color Scheme" for the entire area.
Color Scheme

As important as cabinet style is, "color coordination" is just as important. You want everything to look great and that is why choosing cabinet, tile, fixtures, paint and any other colors or patterns are very important.
The easiest way to see how it all comes together is to do what professional interior designers do...Create a "Color Board".
A color board is simply a layout of all the colors of areas and items to help you visualize how they go together and what to choose. Making a color board is simple, just watch this short video below to learn how.
Well, you are almost done. Go to the next page (Part 2 of 2) and let's complete your mission.
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