24 INCH, 1 SIDED SURFACE PLANNER: 15 HP, 36 cutting knives, Max Capacity; 24" wide x 8 1/4" thick
We have several specialty machines available at our facility and we offer services with these machines to facilitate you in completing any home project you are working on.
Because each process is based on conditions of your project and materials that you have us mill for you, costs are calculated solely on an hourly rate.
36 INCH WIDE-BELT SANDER: 20 HP, Various Grits starting at 36 and up to 180 Grit. Max Capacity; 36" wide x 4 7/8" thick.
STRAIGHT-LINE RIP SAW: 25 HP, 12" Blade. Used for standard repetitive rips and also for producing accurate Glue-up Edges on boards. Laser-Line targeting and Conveyer Belt fed to maintain consistency.
VERTICLE PANEL SAW: 5 HP, 8 1/2" Blade. Used to make accurate square cuts on large and small panel stock. (NOTE: 4x8 Plywood sheets are not square cut at the factory!!). CAP; 76" high x 168" long x 1 3/4" thick.
RAISED PANEL DOOR SHAPER: 7 1/2 HP. Stack cutters to machine Panels, Stiles and Rails. Machines for either Square Raised Panels or Square Flat Panels ONLY.
AUTOMATIC EDGEBANDER: Used to apply Hardwood Veneer or Plastic Laminate edges to panels (for frameless constructed cabinets)
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